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Transition to Secondary School

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Primary 7 to Secondary School

The transition from primary to secondary school is a major change in a young person’s life but can be even more challenging for autistic learners. It involves a large number of changes which may include:

  • Dealing with a much larger number of pupils
  • Dealing with an increase in the number of classes and subjects
  • Different travel arrangement to get to and from school
  • Being the youngest at the new school
  • More teachers and their different approaches
  • A new and often much larger building
  • New timetables
  • New and different routines
  • Coping with subjects they have not encountered before
  • A longer working day, taking into account travel time.

After some of the most challenging years in schooling the importance of helping transition from primary school to secondary school is more important than ever. In this webinar we will be looking at strategies of how to support your child during the transition to new schools.

Facilitator: Rebecca McCullough


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