Surviving Exam Season – for Teens – Recording




Surviving Exam Season – for Teens

Surviving Exams Season for teens facilitated by Cai Graham
This session will cover the following:
How Preparation is Key
There are a number of strategies that Cai teaches her 1-2-1 clients. Here we will address a couple of the study practices that will help the students find and maintain focus and concentration:
* Finding Your Motivation – Finding the Study Spark
* Brain Dumping – How to Manage Your Tasks to Completion
Coping with the nerves & the wobbles
Arguably there will always be some wobbles, maybe from exam panic or study overwhelming. Here Cai offers some coping strategies to manage the last minute nerves and anxieties
* Box Breathing
* 5-4-3-2-1 Calm Down
* Colour Breathing
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