Mindful Kids Journal / Workbook



Mindful Kids Journal / Workbook

Mindfulness Journal for Kids, Mindfulness Activities, Worry Workbook for Children, Feelings Journal.

Mindfulness is common practice all around the world. Mindfulness practice can improve decision-making skills and teach children with autism to focus attention and react less impulsively. This can result in a calmer child with less anxiety.

Research shows that mindfulness is linked to lower anxiety, better self-regulation, and better overall wellbeing in children. Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness. It can even help parents and teachers to promote happiness and relieve stress.

Promoting mindfulness in children is important. Having the ability to stop and be aware of how your body feels in any given situation allows for self-regulation. Something we can all benefit from.

Mindful Kids Workbook includes fun worksheets about Circle of Trust, Belly Breathing techniques, My Body Gives Me Clues etc.
Each of the 15 worksheets creatively encourages self-awareness, self-regulation, and focusing on positivity.

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