Understanding and Supporting Emotions


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Understanding and Supporting Emotions

Understanding and Supporting Emotions Training
  • What are emotions and where do they come from.
  • Strategies to help children manage their emotions.

Why Understanding and Supporting Emotions is important:.

Understanding and managing emotions is important for development and wellbeing during childhood and adolescence.

Children and teenagers who can understand and manage their emotions are more likely to:

  • Firstly, express emotions by speaking calmly or in appropriate ways
  • Secondly, bounce back after feeling strong emotions like disappointment, frustration or excitement
  • Thirdly, control impulses
  • Finally, behave appropriately – that is, in ways that don’t hurt other people, things or themselves.

And this is good for children because it helps them learn, make friends, become independent and more.

Your child’s ability to understand and manage emotions develops over time. When your child is young, they’ll need help with understanding emotions. This mostly involves recognising and naming emotions and lays the groundwork for managing emotions as your child gets older.

As your child grows, they’ll learn more strategies to manage their emotions without your help.

Understanding and managing emotions is also called emotional regulation. It’s an important part of your child’s self-regulation.

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