Transition from Primary to Secondary School


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Transition from Primary to Secondary School

This resource is for children who have a developmental co-ordination disorder and their supporters.

This Transition Pack has been designed to assist young people and their supporters (parents. siblings, relatives, school staff etc.) This is when the move from Primary to Secondary school seems a challenging factor.


Planning should start at the beginning of P7, even if it is to highlight that extra support will be needed. You could also organise a meeting with the new school. Each young person is individual and thus the solutions will be individual.


This pack contains ‘Tools’ that can be used These can be added to or adapted as required. It is designed for ease of use by the young person and should occur in partnership with the schools.


Any change needs preparation and planning in advance to be successful. Firstly, it is recognised that transition will be more successful if the young person takes an active part. There, they can be involved in the planning and preparation. Secondly, success will also depend on strategies and resources continuing in the new school. Finally, lots of praise and encouragement will be vital. With this, the young person will learn to develop their own ways to manage their daily life. The aim is for them to become a successful learner.


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