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Teenagers and Anxiety

Download our presentation slides from our past webinar called Teenagers and Anxiety.

Recent statistics taken from 2020 show that 1 in 8 children and young people experience depression or anxiety.

The teenage years bring many challenges and often these challenges provoke anxiety. 

During this webinar we looked at what happens within an individuals brain during these teenage years and how we can help teenagers manage their anxiety.

If you have a teenager with anxiety, remind them that:

Anxiety has absolutely nothing to do with strength, character or courage.

People with anxiety will be some of the strongest, most likable, bravest people any of us will know. Anxiety and courage always exist together. Courage doesn’t mean you never get scared – if you’re not scared, there’s no need to be brave. What courage means is that you’re pushing right up against your edges. It doesn’t matter where the edges are. They will be different for everyone. The point is that courage is all about feeling them and making a push to move through them – and people with anxiety do it all the time.


This webinar was being brought to you by Empower Project and the course trainer is Rebecca McCullough, Eden Consultancy NI. Rebecca is an autism, childhood trauma, behaviour and emotional well-being specialist.

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