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Sleep & Autism Part 1 Webinar details:

It is approximated that up to 80% of children with Autism have disrupted sleep. During this webinar we will look at why this statistic is so high. We will also discuss the challenges that arise and strategies to help improve sleep patterns.

In typically developing children sleep problems and insufficient sleep can result in daytime sleepiness. Also learning problems and behavioural issues such as hyperactivity, inattentiveness and aggression. Recent research in children with ASD demonstrates that poor sleepers exhibit more problematic behavior than good sleepers.

Over half of children with autism have one or more chronic sleep problems.

Although sleep problems are common in children with ASD they can be helped. Better sleep for these children can potentially improve their daytime functioning as well as the sleep of family members.

If you missed this webinar, please download the slides.

Things you should know about… AUTISM IN CHILDREN AND SLEEP

Difficulty settling to sleep is their most common and consistent sleep problem. Children with autism sleep less than might be expected for their age. Children with poor sleep often have more daytime problems with behaviour and attention. Most sleep problems can be addressed using using behaviour-based interventions. 


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