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ASD and Puberty – Presentation Slides

ASD and Puberty – Webinar Details:

Puberty can be a difficult, challenging and awkward stage in life.

It is a vital topic that is discussed with children on the spectrum.

During this training we look at how to have these conversations, looking into the importance of puberty, body changes and boundaries and strategies to help support all of these.

Puberty can be an extra-fraught time for young people on the spectrum. The features that define autism — including sensory and emotional issues, repetitive behaviors and missing social nuance — can make it hard for them to cope as they mature sexually and become more interested in friendships and dating.

Autistic girls may have a particularly tough time socially, as they struggle to fathom the intricacies of non-autistic girls’ interactions. Depression, anxiety and eating disorders are unusually prevalent in autistic adolescents: One 2006 study showed that 72 percent of 109 autistic youth had depression, anxiety or another mental health condition.

By comparison, a 2016 survey of more than 50,000 children and adolescents suggests that less than 20 percent have a mental health condition. Autistic teenagers are also at a heightened risk of seizures and cognitive setbacks.

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