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Using Visuals – slides

Slides from past webinar: Using Visuals

Webinar details

Using visual supports is vital when working with a child on the autistic spectrum. During this webinar Rebecca will explain why they are so important. Firstly, she will explain how and when to use them. Secondly, she will provide lots of strategies and different options when using visible supports for communication. 

A Visual support refers to a visible item to communicate with a child who has difficulty understanding or using language. Visual supports can be photographs, drawings, objects, written words, or lists. Research has shown that these supports work well as a way to communicate.

Visual supports are used with children with ASD for two main purposes. They help parents communicate better with their child, and they help their child communicate better with others.


Features of ASD


The main features of ASD are challenges in interacting socially, using language, and having limited interests or repetitive behaviors. Visual supports help in all three areas.


First, children with ASD may not understand social cues as they interact with others in daily activities. They may not grasp social expectations, like how to start a conversation, how to respond when others make social approaches, or how to change behaviour based on unspoken social rules. Visual supports can help teach social skills and help children with ASD use them on their own in social situations.


Second, children with ASD often find it difficult to understand and follow spoken instructions. They may not be able to express well what they want or need. Visuals can help parents communicate what they expect. This decreases frustration and may help decrease problem behaviors that result from difficulty communicating. Visuals can promote appropriate, positive ways to communicate.


Finally, some children with ASD are anxious or act out when their routines change or they are in unfamiliar situations. Visuals can help them understand what to expect and will happen next and also reduce anxiety. Visuals can help them pay attention to important details and help them cope with changes.

Slides include details of:

  • Why Visuals are important
  • What Visuals are
  • Different kinds of visuals
  • When Visuals are helpful
  • How to use visuals

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