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Social Stories

Slides from past webinar

Webinar details: Firstly, during this webinar, Rebecca will cover how to write social stories, when and how to use them and  finally, why they are so important. These are essential to reduce anxiety and provide clear structure and expectations across a wide variety of scenarios. Facilitator is Rebecca McCullough.

Slides cover:

  1. Firstly the origins of social stories.
  2. Secondly, how to implement a social narrative.
  3. Thirdly, how to write a social script.
  4. Finally, examples of stories and comic strip conversations.

What are social stories?

They are a tool to explain social situations to autistic children. They help them learn ways of behaving in these situations. However, they are also called social scripts, social narratives or story-based interventions.

Social Story™ and Social Stories™ are trademarks originated and owned by Carol Gray.

They were initially developed for use with autistic children.

However, they might be less effective for children with poor comprehension skills. In addition, they might not be suitable for non-verbal children.

They can help autistic children learn about social behaviour in specific settings. Moreover, you can create a social narrative for almost any social situation.

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