Managing Your Child’s Anxiety – Slides


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Managing Your Child’s Anxiety

Slides from past webinar: Managing Your Child’s Anxiety

Webinar details: In this webinar we will explore and discuss how to support your child with anxiety. Any child can suffer from anxiety from having various conditions on the spectrum.

Three tips for helping your child cope with anxiety.

When children are chronically anxious, even the most well-meaning parents, not wanting a child to suffer, can actually make the youngster’s anxiety worse. It happens when parents try to protect kids from their fears. Here are pointers for helping children escape the cycle of anxiety.

1. The goal isn’t to eliminate anxiety, but to help a child manage it.

Firstly, the best way to help kids overcome anxiety isn’t to try to remove stressors that trigger it. It’s to help them learn to tolerate their anxiety and function as well as they can, even when they’re anxious.

2. Don’t avoid things because they make your child anxious

Secondly, helping children avoid the things they are afraid of will make them feel better in the short term, but it reinforces the anxiety over the long run.

3. Express positive but realistic expectations

Finally, you can express confidence that they’re going to be okay, that they will be able to manage it. And you can let them know that as they face those fears, the anxiety level will drop over time.

Slides cover:

  • What is anxiety?
  • Potential Causes of anxiety
  • Physical Symptoms of anxiety
  • Anxiety and the brain
  • Strategies to cope