What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a specific learning challenge. It interferes with certain learning abilities, such as reading and writing. Dyslexia is defined by difficulties with accurate and fluent word recognition. It is a learning impairment. It is characterised by trouble reading as a result of difficulties detecting speech sounds. Also understanding how the sounds connect to lettersContinue reading “What is Dyslexia?”

Assistive Technology in Dyslexia

There is a vast selection assistive technology in Dyslexia. These include PC hardware and software, as well as a number of the portable devices. These make life simpler for people with dyslexia. All of them are classified as “Assistive Technology.” The following are some examples of technology that is appropriate for individuals of all ages.Continue reading “Assistive Technology in Dyslexia”

Treatment of Dyslexia

Is there a set treatment of Dyslexia? No, Dyslexia therapies are tailored to the individual. Your child collaborates with one or more professionals to create a curriculum tailored to their specific requirements. Dyslexia Screening A doctor or educational professional provides tests to assess how well your child reads and writes. This is in order toContinue reading “Treatment of Dyslexia”