Speech Impairment in Children With Autism

Speech Impairment and Autism The Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Paediatrics has found that as many as 64% of children with autism may have a speech impairment. Infancy( before 3 ) is the ideal age at which a child is diagnosed with autism. From the moment they are born, all children begin to learn language.Continue reading “Speech Impairment in Children With Autism”

Picture Exchange Communication System

PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a method of communication. It’s used for children with autism that does not rely on speech. People use cards containing images, symbols, text, or photographs to make requests or remarks and to respond to queries. Where is started Andy Bondy andContinue reading “Picture Exchange Communication System”

Digital Tech can help with Autism

Children with autism have always benefited greatly from the use of computers and digital tech in terms of learning and communication. Children with autism now have even more possibilities to enhance their communication, motor, and cognitive skills, due to the iPad’s innovation. Many parents of children wonder if a portable tablet with a touch screenContinue reading “Digital Tech can help with Autism”

Autism – Early Intervention

Autism – Early intervention is more likely to be effective than later intervention. Early diagnosis and treatment of autism has a significant impact on child’s development. This leads to improved outcomes for children with autism, including increased social, communication and daily living skills or can improve a child’s overall development. Early Intervention – Positive ImpactContinue reading “Autism – Early Intervention”

Autism Early Warning Signs

Read about the early warning signs of Autism. ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is a developmental condition caused by brain differences. Some ASD patients have a recognised abnormality, such as a genetic disease. Other reasons are unknown at this time. Scientists think that ASD is caused by a combination of factors that work together to alterContinue reading “Autism Early Warning Signs”

What is Autism?

Autism is a hidden developmental disability. It affects approximately 1 in every 100 people in the United Kingdom. Secondly, It affects how a person interacts and communicates with other people. It can also affect how a person makes sense of the world surrounding them. In other words, it is just a different way for the brain to work.