Speech Impairment in Children With Autism

speech impairment autism

Speech Impairment and Autism

The Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Paediatrics has found that as many as 64% of children with autism may have a speech impairment.

Infancy( before 3 ) is the ideal age at which a child is diagnosed with autism. From the moment they are born, all children begin to learn language. Through connections and play with other people, this can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Unusual speech patterns are one of the major characteristics of autism.

When children are first diagnosed with autism, they are often nonverbal. Most of the time, the speech is highly abnormal and has confined communicative value. The ability to learn and use language can be difficult for autistic children. Mose so than for for typically developing children. 

They may not feel a need to speak. They may have no idea how other people will react to a message they have communicated.

Individuals with autism tend to have difficulties paying attention to auditory information on a regular basis. Autistic children listen to sounds. Even while they are paying attentively, many people with autism appear to struggle. Mainly with deciphering what sounds imply and connecting them to words or thoughts. This might be because some people with autism have difficulty with language and thinking. Individuals with autism typically struggle with articulation; This is often part of a larger issue of problems with oral-motor skills. (Movements of the lips and tongue and associated breath control).

Autistic children’s speech.

Earlier studies on abnormal speech patterns focused on prosody, or abnormal supra-segmental aspects of speech production. In recent studies, objective measures were used to quantify the speech abnormalities in autism.

  • Analyse the long-term average spectrum
  • Pitch evaluation
  • Estimation of the noise level
  • Aspects of spectrum

Abnormal speech patterns.

These include echolalia, pronoun reversal, metaphorical language and poor grammatical structure.

Some children have a tendency to repeat certain words and phrases. Most of the time, these phrases are very basic in nature. When it comes to labelling objects, many people with autism have a long way to go. Also with using and understanding abstract concepts. They may also use erratic intonation, pitch, pace, rhythm, and articulation to convey their message to their audience. In addition, some of them find it difficult to adjust their volume no matter where they are located.

Speech therapists evaluate the best ways to improve communication. As a result, this enhances a person’s quality of life..

Some techniques in speech therapy include:

  • Firstly, “Talkers” that use electronic technology
  • Secondly, Making a handwritten or typed noteT
  • Thirdly, Learning to communicate with pictures with words. (Known as PECS.)
  • Finally, Using sounds that a person is over- or under-sensitive to in order to expand and compress their speech.

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