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Each year since the project has commenced Empower has set up a balance ability course, which are sessions to teach cycling skills to young people who have found it difficult to learn how to cycle.  The sessions look at the importance of learning how to handle the bike, move it and establish balance before you think of cycling.  After a number of weeks practicing these skills and with some homework the young people build up their confidence and then start thinking about using the Pedals.  The young people also get a lot out of knowing they are not the only one that struggles with cycling, new friendships are formed and parents can relate to each other.  It’s a wonderful programme and we are lucky to have found a great tutor whose love of teaching young people how to cycle is evident at each session.  So thanks to Greg and to all the parents and young people who stuck with it and are on their journey to being cyclists.

To date over 180 young people have commenced our cycling programme through the Empower project.

Safe cycling everyone.

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