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Mindfulness for Kids


We all need the ability to make ourselves feel calm and happy inside. To be able to anchor our…


Girls on the Autistic Spectrum

Have a look at our Understanding Girls on the Autistic Spectrum delivered by Rebecca McCullough



Teenagers and Autism

Teenagers & Autism delivered by Rebecca Mc Cullough

There are 4 key areas of difference that Rebe…


Understanding and Supporting Behaviour


We are pleased to announce that Rebecca Mc Cullough has teamed up with us again and is looking…


Barriers to Communication

Nichola discusses the barriers to good communication and looks at helping us to understand what social commun…


Supporting Parents

Nichola Burke is a counsellor with Lotus Wellbeing and part of the counselling team at Northern Regional Coll…


Rainbow Clouds

To brighten up the bank holiday weekend we have Donna Lynch Part-time lecturer in Art & Design North…


Animal Puppets

Looking for something to enteratin the kids this weekend we have Megan McVey Primary Colours Arts working in …


Social Distancing

We had received feedback from some parents that there kids are struggling with social distancing and how it a…


Understanding and Supporting Emotions

Rebecca's next video is on Understanding and Supporting Emotions. See below two links that Rebecca thinks wou…


Autism & Anxiety from a parents perspective

Thanks to Nichola who is part of the counselling team at Northern Regional College for sharing her …


Tips on cutting your child's hair

Vikki Smyth a lecturer in the hair department at Northern Regional College gives us some tips on ho…


Talking about your feelings and emotions

Thanks to at Carole on delivering this short video on feelings and emotions after the requests we have receiv…


Anxiety & Autism

We have teamed up with Rebecca who has kindly done a piece on Autism and anxiety for us, hope its helpful see…


Information Line

The Empower project has a dedicated Information line which you can telephone to access information on local g…

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