Introduction to Autism
Northern Regional College, Magherafelt
This workshop will commence on Tuesday 14 January 2020 and will run for 1 session(s) ending on Tuesday 14 January 2020. Each session will begin at 10:00 AM and finish at 12:30 PM unless otherwise stated.

This workshop will begin with exploring autism in the context of prevalence and explore some of the myths around what it means to be autistic. We will look at some of the other complexities that come up with people’s autism and acknowledge what are key supports that can be employed. From the cognitive difficulties theory of mind, weal central coherence, context blindness and executive function, comic strip conversations and social stories will be explored as well as how to use visuals and how to build in sequences to shore up some of those difficulties.

For more behavioral needs we will look at some basic behavioural principles of defining a behavior, looking at antecedent and consequence driven behaviour, different forms of reinforcement. We will also briefly look at some of the more specific behavioural procedures to help build in skills that the individual may want or need using shaping, chaining, behavior momentum, as well as explore the concept of how to develop an effective plan to maintain some of these skills.

Behaviour however can also be misinterpreted as challenging when it is actually distressed and so we will look at how this happens as well as explore how both anxiety and sensory issues may be the driving force behind such behaviours and look at how we can create resources to work with the individual to be able to self-manage their own stress and sensory systems. Essentially by helping the individual have more control over their own experience, we are fostering confidence and resilience so that the individual becomes adept in their development of a core self.

The concept of self is something that is going to be explored in detail and we will show this develops from birth and how we can bring in joint attention skills for some of the younger children to continue to support the development of this key milestone.

In order for any of this support to be successful, we look at how we also can impact the individual with our own stress, anxiety and issues we bring. We will also touch on more specific areas that may need to be explored separately regards autism and girls as well as PDA.

The goal of the workshop is to act as a taster workshop to give you a full spectrum of the different training that is available with Raymi Doyle. Although it will touch on some of the salient points, it will be enough of a taster to inform you if you would like further support in those key areas.

Booking is available from Thursday 5th Dec via Eventbrite 

This workshop will be delivered by Raymi Doyle.