ASD & Anger
Northern Regional College, Magherafelt
This workshop will commence on Tuesday 1 October 2019 and will run for 1 session(s) ending on Tuesday 1 October 2019. Each session will begin at 10:00 AM and finish at 12:30 PM unless otherwise stated.

Why do we get angry and distressed – the session will look at interventions, we will look at how anger can escalate and how there is a cycle of anger and how both the child and adult can learn to track that cycle so that they can intervene before it becomes out of control. This will include an experiential approach, which may be useful for the participants to practice with the children and young people they support. The experiential aspect may be more related to older children than infants, however it may be explored how it could be altered to work with younger infants within the group. The workshop will also explore what is the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown and how to safely intervene with both of these by looking at practical strategies that people may use. Throughout the workshop, the emphasis will be on how we as adults may also have an impact on the child’s anger and how we may need to track that within ourselves.

Booking is available from Thursday 22nd August via Eventbrite 

This workshop will be delivered by Raymi Doyle.