Introduction to Autism
Farranshane House, Antrim
This workshop will commence on Monday 23 September 2019 and will run for 1 session(s) ending on Monday 23 September 2019. Each session will begin at 6:00 PM and finish at 8:30 PM unless otherwise stated.

In order to understand what is meant by autism, we provide an introduction to the history of autism highlighting the theories that attempt to explain this condition. The workshop focuses on the realisation that to fully connect with someone who is autistic we must look past the diagnosis and see this as part of the person. It is by looking at autism from the inside out and by listening to testimony of people who are autistic, that we may begin to explore some of the stereotypes of autism and how this may impact how we treat people on the spectrum.

On a more practical level, to connect with the person, we also may need to get an understanding of how the sensory system is affected with autistic people. This will provide a building block to briefly get a glimpse of some of the more complex issues that autistics deal with on a day to day basis. For example:

  • Understanding stimming or repetitive behaviour.

  • Exploring various types of distressed behaviour.

  • Rigid and inflexible thinking

  • Social communication and understanding challenges.

 The workshop will also briefly explore

  • Anger and how we can work with someone’s anger during the various stages of anger, including acknowledging how our own emotional state may impact others.

  • How we can help the person learn to self-regulate their sensory system.

  • How we can communicate more effectively with someone with autism using:

  • Comic strip conversations. / * using visual Strategies.

Booking is available from Thursday 22nd August via Eventbrite 

This workshop will be delivered by Raymi Doyle.