Stress Management
Farranshane House, Antrim
This workshop will commence on Tuesday 13 March 2018 and will run for 1 session(s) ending on Tuesday 20 March 2018. Each session will begin at 10:00 AM and finish at 12:00 PM unless otherwise stated.

Stress is something that effects everyone in all walks of life. If we learn how to identify the triggers and use techniques that help us relax it allows us to cope with difficult everyday situations better. This session will involve defining stress and identifying individual stressors. We will look at various stress management techniques and relaxation techniques trying them out to see how effective they are. Hopefully by the end of this session all learners will have a better understanding of stress, its effects and various ways to handle stressful situations. Learners will be able to identify a stress management technique that works for them.

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This workshop will be delivered by Jennifer Lyness.