Digital Music Making
Farranshane House, Antrim
This activity will commence on Tuesday 17 October 2017 and will run for 4 session(s) ending on Tuesday 14 November 2017. Each session will begin at 4:00 PM and finish at 6:00 PM unless otherwise stated.

Over the four weeks you will learn the skills to create a piece of digital music from scratch using app and technology. Each participant will have their tablet and will be shown step by step how to create a unique piece of music. No experience is required and the music you make can be of any genre

Week 1 - Drum Beats, Rhythms and Tempos

In first week we look at different types of popular music and see how they drums and beats provide the backbone of all the music you love. Each participant will then get the opportunity to use the software to create a drum beat for their own track. They will get to choose their own rhythms and their own sounds from a set of drum samples to create the basis of their own unique piece of music. We will also look at tempo and see how the speed of your track can change the way it sounds, and what speed is right for the type of music you want to make. 

Week 2 - Music and Instruments

In this week we look at a range of different instruments like guitars, keyboards, bass and electronic instruments to create the music for your song. We will listen to some of your favourite tracks and see what sounds they use and how to choose sounds that will work for your own piece of music. We will then show you how to choose your own sounds and record your tracks into your song.  

Week 3 - Arranging Your Song

In the third session we show you how to arrange your song. We will look at how popular songs are arranged and show you how to turn your short ideas into a full piece of music, with a beginning middle and end. You will learn how to create different song sections and copy, paste and edit the music you have created to make a full track. 

Week 4 - Mixing your Final Song

In the last session we put the finishing touches to your track and show you how to mix your song ready for upload or sharing with your friends. We show you how to use the mixer to balance out your music and make sure the track sounds the best it can. We will also show you how to use special music effects to change your sounds and add that final bit of sparkle.  

This activity will be delivered by Graham Ginty.